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J. Regan Kline


Regan Kline began her dance training and teaching career in upstate New York where she attended the State University of New York at Oswego. She then attended law school, graduating from Georgetown University Law Center in 1997. 

Regan began teaching in 1989 and has taught dance students, beginner through advanced, both in upstate New York and locally. She moved to the Manassas area in 1995 where she continued to teach before opening Virginia Dance Center in 1999.

Regan has brought together a dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers that are committed to sharing their passion for dance with our dancers. Regan’s mission is to offer children a positive and supportive environment where they can express themselves creatively and grow into strong, confident teenagers and adults. Regan believes that a child’s self-esteem and identity are enhanced through dance and it is her goal to provide an environment within the dance studio that promotes confidence and a positive self-image. 

Regan is also a prosecutor for Prince William County, specializing in the prosecution of child abuse cases. She lives in Warrenton with her husband, Curt, his twin daughters, Maggie and Leigh, and their two cats, Bailey and Fiona.