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Dance Studio in Manassas, VA

There are many benefits of taking dance classes at any age. Students of all ages, whether a  pre-schooler, a teenager or an adult, can meet new friends and have fun while doing it. A young  child who is just beginning to learn about socialization benefits from the interaction with other  children while in a dance class. Older students have an opportunity to meet others who share their  interest in the various forms of dance. 

Dance is also a wonderful form of exercise that helps to develop flexibility, coordination, poise and  grace. These are attributes that dance students will carry with them throughout life. 

Dance classes allow students to develop, and freely express, their creativity and enhance their self image. Students are allowed to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions in an accepting  atmosphere. Providing a child with an environment that is accepting, where one can try and fail,  and try again, encourages creative thinking and enhances one’s self-image for a lifetime. 

At Virginia Dance Center, we believe that a child’s self-esteem and self-identity are enhanced  through dance and it is our goal to promote a positive self-image. We have watched as students  have developed lasting friendships within the dance studio and have grown from young children  into graceful, poised and confident young women.  

VDC is located in a freestanding building two dance studios, a dressing room, a sibling play area  and a spacious waiting room. Both dance studios have sprung dance floors to help reduce fatigue  and the possibility of injury. The studios also have large observation windows so that parents and  visitors can observe classes from the waiting area. 

Below is a general description of some of the different types of dance classes VDC offers: 

Ready, Set, Dance (Levels 1 & 2): These classes are offered for children ages 3-5. These classes  introduce students to the world of dance and movement. Students are exposed to elementary ballet  vocabulary and are encouraged to express themselves creatively through movement. Classes  promote socialization and listening skills and help children develop an awareness of how their  bodies can move. Props, such as hula hoops and scarves, are often used to stimulate the  imagination. 

Let’s Dance (Levels 1 & 2): These classes prepare children ages 5-7 for their first classical ballet  class. Students are introduced to arm, leg and feet positions, gentle stretches and appropriate body  alignment, while exploring basic ballet technique and terminology. Creative expression continues  to be emphasized. 

Ballet classes are offered to students ages 7 and above. Ballet is one of the world’s most beautiful  and revered art forms. Children and adults alike will love building on a foundation of basic  movements set to beautiful music as they grow in their strength and abilities. Students who take  ballet classes will learn correct technique and proper body alignment, as well as flexibility, strength,  grace, coordination, musicality and performance quality. 

Jazz classes are offered to students ages 7 and above. This popular and dynamic style is taught in a  positive environment. Jazz is a fun, high energy class that is a great choice for any dancer who just wants to get moving! Classes are upbeat and focus on isolations of the body, strong and sharp  movements, flexibility, proper body alignment, musicality and performance quality. Classes are  taught using popular, age-appropriate music by experienced and encouraging instructors. Book a  free trial today.  

Tap classes are offered to students ages 5 and above. These upbeat classes will emphasize rhythm,  style and sound. Dancers will learn tap steps, combinations and rhythms with an emphasis on  developing proper tap technique and producing clear tap sounds. Studying tap dance will help  improve coordination and musicality. Classes are offered for a variety of abilities and are always  lots of fun!  

Hip Hop classes are offered to students ages 5 and above. Modern and dynamic, Hip Hop is  certainly addictive. Dancers will enjoy non-stop movement and full-out fun as they develop their  own individual style and add their personality to the movements. Hip Hop classes are a very popular  and energetic class. Hip Hop remains popular around the world and students will love these  dynamic classes.  

Lyrical classes are offered to dancers in VDC Levels 3 and above. Lyrical combines elements of  ballet and jazz with a focus on expressing emotion through movement. Song lyrics are often used to  inspire the choreography and the dancer’s movements express the story and emotions of the song.  While it is less ‘rigid’ than ballet, lyrical requires students to have a strong technical foundation.  Ballet training is required for all dancers enrolled in Lyrical classes.

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