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Adult Ballet Dance Classes in Manassas, VA

Children begin to develop a self-image during the pre-school years. This development  continues throughout the adolescent years. As a child encounters new experiences, and grows  and develops as a result of those experiences, the child’s self-concept continually changes.  Exposure to an environment which is receptive to creative expression is believed to contribute  positively to the development of the child’s self-concept. Opportunities for developing creative  expression, such as dance classes, offer a way to enhance a child’s self-image.  

Dancers learn to express the language of the art of dance with the whole body. Such  expression requires strong confidence in one’s self. At Virginia Dance Center, we encourage  creative expression while emphasizing proper technique. We believe that a child’s self-esteem  and self-identity are enhanced through dance and it is our goal to promote a positive self-image. 

To encourage the development of creativity, students of all ages, 3 through adult, are  encouraged to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions in an accepting atmosphere. Dance  classes allow for the free expression of creativity, as well as a critical examination of the results  of such expression. Providing a child with an environment that is accepting, where one can try  and fail, and try again, encourages creative thinking and enhances one’s self-image for a lifetime.

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Erin Long-Robbins

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