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Virginia Dance Center is awesome! We've tried two other dance centers in Manassas and VDC's non-competitive studio matches our needs the best. We love that they really get to know our daughter and we receive an end-of-year evaluation with recommendations. They are also very responsive with questions and my daughter has learned a lot while still having tons of fun!

Adrianna B.

July 2018 (Facebook)

My daughter has been taking dance at Virginia Dance Center for 9 years. I continue to be impressed with the quality of the teaching staff and the organization of the administrative team at VDC. I am so proud of the progress my daughter has made and I attribute a lot of that to her teachers. Students are given constructive and honest feedback about their performance and are challenged and encouraged to try new things. Each year the recitals get better and better and I can't wait to see what they do next year.

Debbie H.

July 2018 (Google)

Both of my daughters have danced at VDC. My oldest one chose sports over dance after several years, while my youngest continued for 14 years until graduating from HS this year. I can’t say enough about how caring & knowledgeable the staff has always been no matter at what level the students are dancing. My youngest daughter definitely felt at home & developed many friendships over the years. My husband & I have been completely satisfied with VDC, & have thoroughly enjoyed the end-of-year recitals, especially since performing at the Hylton Performing Arts Center the last 3 years. We highly recommend VDC to any families considering dance instruction for their children.

Karen K.

July 2018 (Google)

My family loves Virginia Dance Center.  My youngest daughter has danced here for 7 years since she was 3 years old and my oldest daughter danced here for a couple of years during middle school. They have danced under several of the instructors throughout the years and they are all knowledgeable and wonderful with the dancers. The end of the year recitals are amazing and we have enjoyed watching our daughters dance on stage. I recommend VDC for anyone looking for a dance studio for their children. The staff are all welcoming and make it enjoyable for my daughter to come to class each week.

Kristi B.

July 2018 (Yelp)

My teen daughter has been going to VDC for Hip Hop teen classes for about 4 years. She really loves it and misses the class and her dance friends when summer comes around. Her instructor, Ms. Brittany, is awesome. There was a waiting list for the class when we first registered years ago, so I thought either the class was really small, or the instructor is really good. But she is better than good. Brittany has a great rapport with the students, a lot of energy as she teaches many different types of classes, often one after the other, and her choreography is always challenging and fun for the students. We have not had experience with other instructors at VDC, so I can only attest to Brittany's skill. The recitals at the end of the year have become SO much better since going to a themed setting, and since they began booking recitals at the gorgeous Hylton Performing Arts Center, it has added a bit more class to the whole experience. My daughter always looks forward to the startup of the class in the Fall.

Lisa Y.

July 2018 (Yelp)

The VDC staff and teachers are incredible! The teachers connect with the dancers and show them kindness and support while helping them achieve personal goals. The staff is always friendly and willing to help. My daughter has made some beautiful friendships and has gained some of the most amazing role models through her 9 years at VDC. The end of year program provides dancers with a wonderful opportunity to be part of a production and is a beautiful showcase of skills and a love of dance.

Amy J.

June 2018 (Facebook)

VDC has been a wonderful studio for both of my daughters. They started dancing at age 7. Now one is in college and one is in HS and she continues to dance here. They have exceptional teachers who teach technique that is age appropriate for each student. The teachers have huge hearts and love what they do. The end of year performance includes all dancers and their costumes are age appropriate and everybody participates. The past few years they've done shows and not year end recitals and they've been wonderful.  "Dancing through Oz", "Cinderella" - but with different age groups and styles of dance - not just classic ballet. It's not competitive or intense, but expectations are high and they work hard. Students are evaluated at the end of the year for skills to determine if they move into the next level of ballet. They do not put students on pointe until they are ready and have the foundation, skill and strength to be on pointe. Students can go two tracks and can have a foundation of dance through Ballet and also take Jazz, Lyrical, etc., or they can opt to take "Just Jazz" etc. They learn much more about life as well as dance through this experience. The studio and teachers have made a positive impact upon their lives beyond just dancing. We love VDC!

Lori F.

June 2018 (Yelp)

Was introduced to the world of dance as a parent this year. Our five year old took intro to ballet with Andrea Jiles. As a former kindergarten teacher, I know that age can be a challenge, yet Andrea handled this class with structure and positivity. The classes begin and end on time and there are observation windows so you can watch the action. There's also a little play knook which siblings or dancers often used while waiting. The recital at the end of the year had professional elements and was worth every penny. This place is TOP NOTCH and I am planning to be a part of it until our kiddo says "no more".

Vicky N.

June 2018 (Facebook)

Our daughter has been dancing for almost 11 years, 5 of which have been at VDC. We are very pleased with the instruction she has been given at VDC. Their focus is not competitive and is focused on the true art of dance, which is so important to us. You can obviously tell how much they truly care about their students and their growth as performers. Her skills have continued to expand year after year. I would highly recommend this dance studio.

Kelly O.

June 2018 (Facebook)

We have been a part of the Virginia Dance Center family for 5 years and I have found the training to be excellent technically, combined with teaching staff that cares about each child individually. I was worried when they added the audition-based Company that my daughter might be marginalized because we haven't been able to do Company for various reasons. But that hasn't been the case. She is valued for her talent and hard-work, just the same, and positively pushed to improve her dance technique equally with the Company dancers. I highly recommend VDC, and especially classes with Miss Liz.

Kathleen D.

June 2018 (Google)

Our daughter has danced at Virginia Dance Center for 9 years. She has taken ballet, lyrical, hip hop, pointe, tap, jazz and has been in VDC Company for three years. We can't say enough about the quality of instruction, the warmth of the teachers and the atmosphere there. The dance instructors provide quality technical training and they care about the students. She has had just about every teacher there over the years and has enjoyed every one. We have respect for the teachers and my daughter looks up to them as wonderful role models. She takes classes year round and loves helping with summer dance camps for the younger students. We are so proud of the progress she has made. She got into Colgan High School's Fine Arts program for Dance and we have Virginia Dance Center to thank for that. She was very prepared for the program. Their customer service could not be better. The atmosphere is warm...no crazy dance moms there. We can't imagine her dancing anywhere else!

Jo X.

June 2018 (Yelp)

Virginia Dance Center is great. My daughters adore Ms. Andrea. I've found that the teachers are great at making kids comfortable while still challenging them in their classes. The recital at the end of the year is incredible. VDC moved the recital to the Hylton Performing Arts Center a few years back and the production gets better each year. Highly recommended!


June 2018 (Google)

Love this studio! Have been a member for 1 year now. We put our 5 year old daughter in for  beginner ballet and tap! She loves it. The teacher, Ms. Andrea, was outstanding!!! She made the class fun for the kids while they were learning. Everyone has been very nice. They have a nice party on site in June for fall registration for current clients with food, face painting, moon bounce and more. Lots of fun. They have a wonderful performance recital planned at the end of each year as well.


June 2018 (Yelp)

My daughter just finished a dance camp this week. She had never danced before so I thought that a week long camp would be a good way to see if she was interested. She loved it. The camp's theme was Frozen which is her favorite movie and she had so much fun. She learned much more than I thought she would in just a week. She's super excited to take classes in the fall. This was a wonderful week for her.

Teresa L.

July 2016 (Facebook)

This is my daughter's first year doing dance and she absolutely loves it! Her teachers are amazing, so sweet and always have such a great attitude. The staff is fun and very polite and we have never had a bad experience since she started. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ VDC and I always highly recommend this place anytime my daughter's friends parents ask where she does dance. Thank you for making her dance experience so great!

Katie H.

February 2015 (Facebook)

I have danced for a long time and this is one of the best studios I have come across. I have taken classes with Liz, Lisa, and Renata and all of them have been phenomenal. I look forward to going to dance every week and the staff is excellent!


August 2013 (Yelp)

My daughter has been happily dancing at VDC for 5 years. She was a "late" beginner at 11, and chose the studio herself. Because the teachers are supportive of dancers at all stages of development she never felt discouraged when she had to work a bit harder to master techniques that the other dancers had been practicing for years. In the time she has danced at VDC, she has developed the confidence that comes with mastering skills, achieving goals, and  working with others as a team. As a parent, that was my goal for her, and I think VDC has been a great place to nurture that. In addition to the dance teachers, the front desk staff is friendly, professional, hard working, and a pleasure to work with as well. Every year I ask my daughter if she wants to change studios; the answer is always the same "I love it at VDC!"

Nancy S.

August 2011 (Yelp)