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Should I enroll my 4 year old in Ready, Set, Dance or Intro. to Ballet?  Or, What is the difference between the two classes?

Ready, Set, Dance (RSD) and Intro. to Ballet are both designed to introduce pre-school children to the world of dance and movement. The RSD class is a 30-minute class designed for 3 and 4 year olds. The Intro. to Ballet class is a 45-minute class designed for 4 and 5 year olds. Both classes focus on learning through creative activity and exercise and the use of the imagination. The Intro. to Ballet class is a longer class and requires that the student have a longer attention span than in the RSD class. Students in this class will also learn additional ballet movements and terms and will work for a longer period of time per class at the ballet barre than students in the RSD class. If your child is 4 and has been in a structured learning environment previously or has a good attention span, we recommend enrolling him or her in the Intro. to Ballet class.


My child won't be 3 until _______.  Can I enroll him or her now?

Students must be 3 years old by October 1 in order to enroll in the current dance year. If your child will turn 3 after that date we will not be able to register him or her for classes until our summer session or the next fall session. Our classes are designed to run similarly to the school year.  Students enroll in September and continue in class through June. Students must be the appropriate age by November 1 so that students age and learn together through the year.


May parents observe classes?  Is it ok if I leave while my child is in class?

The answer to both questions is yes. Both of our dance studios feature large observation windows so that parents can observe classes at any time. Our only request is that parents and other guests not attempt to communicate with (or correct) their child during class. Parents may leave to run errands while children are in class. Parents must return to the studio prior to the end of class as students may not wait alone in the waiting room due to safety concerns.


Should my 3 (4, or 5) year-old take multiple classes per week?

Multiple classes are not necessary or recommended for students under the age of 5. Classes for these ages emphasize the development of creativity, imagination and socialization skills. Students also work on their ability to wait their turn, follow directions and pay attention. While the learning environment is fun, upbeat and positive, we do not feel children younger than 5 should be enrolled in multiple dance classes per week. It is our belief that one class per week accomplishes the goal of the class at these ages and that students at this young age will experience "burn-out" if enrolled in more than one dance class per week.


Is it ok to wear tutus or skirts to dance class?

Tutus are not allowed in dance class as they can be distracting both for the student wearing the tutu and for other students in the class. Tutus are a form of costume and are not made to be worn during classes. Students ages 3-6 may wear skirts over a leotard so long as the skirt does not distract the student, i.e. playing with it, pulling it up and down, etc.


What if my child doesn't like the class?

Once your registration form and payment have been received, your child's space in a class is reserved for the session. Due to the limited number of spaces available in each class, and the fact that some interested students may be turned away if a particular class is full, refunds will not be offered if a student decides not to continue a class. Please see our Refund Policy for more details.


Where can I buy dance shoes and attire?

We are pleased to announce that we sell Revolution dance shoes and dancewear. Our prices are competitive and our products are high quality.  We encourage you to purchase your dance shoes through VDC so that your child has the shoes that are required for his or her class. If your child has a narrow or wide foot or is in a more advanced level, we will happily offer recommendations as to local dance supply stores. If you prefer to purchase your dance shoes and dancewear outside of VDC, we encourage you to refer to the “Required Class Attire” list and speak with a VDC staff member regarding the specific requirements for that class.

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