Hours Per Week             2021-2022
                                                Monthly Tuition
                30 min                              $68
                45 min                              $72
                60 min                              $76
               2.0 hrs                               $148

               2.5 hrs                               $179
               3.0 hrs                               $210
               3.5 hrs                               $237
               4.0 hrs                               $264
               4.5 hrs                               $287
               5.0 hrs                               $310
               5.5 hrs                               $329
               6.0 hrs                               $348

               7.0 hrs                               $364*
               8.0 hrs                               $384
               9.0 hrs                               $396
             10.0 hrs                               $420
             11.0 hrs                               $462
             12.0 hrs                               $480**

* Max rate for an individual student

** Max rate for a family

Monthly Tuition Payments: Tuition is based on an average four-week month and is divided into 10 equal payments through the dance season (September - June) for your convenience. All tuition payments must be made by a pre-authorized Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card or bank debit card. The only exception to this payment policy is if tuition is paid in advance for the entire dance year. 


Advance Payment: A 5% discount is available if payment for the entire dance year is made at the time of registration.


Multiple Class & Family Discount: Tuition listed above reflects the discount which is offered to students who are enrolled in multiple classes per week totaling more than two hours, as well as to families who have multiple immediate family members enrolled in more than two hours of classes per week. 


*Unlimited Tuition Rate: Once a student is enrolled in a total of 7 hours per week, there is no charge for additional classes. The unlimited rate per family (immediate family members only) is 12 hours per week. There is no charge for classes taken by immediate family members in excess of 12 per week.